There are three main reasons:

1. Clarity. What is a nationalist? It is not clear - there are a wide variety of attempts to define this concept and all of them differ much. What is a patriot? Due to definitions multiplicity it also not clear. And what is a nationist? It is clear. It is the one who speaks for the values and lifestyle provided by Nationia philosophy.

2. Maximum nationalism - patriotism. Nationia, the same as other patriotic national movements, encourages fostering ones own Nation and State. This is a movement, lifestyle, philosophy, community, which does not split but connect representatives from different patriotic organizations, individual nationally minded persons who approve Nationia ideas.   

However, nationists are not against other nations, but are even for other nations too. They are for all humanity, all nations. Nationists of one nation are friends of nationists from other nation, - with no hostility among nationists and patriots, ones own nations are cherished more productively, they collaborate with each other. Our motto: Through our nation – for all nations.

3. Effective patriotism. So far nations have been tried to be rescued politically - it is a good and efficient way for a nation to prosper, but only when its’ bigger part is patriotic. Otherwise, political action brings little benefit: number of enemies rises; actions turn into politicking, stopping of slander against patriots; there are too less of supporters-voters, the number of which reduces with nations mixing and consumer “cosmopolitism” established. Another method, known as “Fist” method - policy has many disadvantages: waste other abilities such as creation; frighten away a large part of comrade-in-arms due to its roughness. This extreme measure gives positive long-term results rarely and only in exceptional defensive cases).

Therefore, the most effective way of patriotism is Nationia:

Consciousness (higher level-value; lasting),

National marriages (real family and nation extension),

Fostering (after all, the essence is to create, live, develop, and not conserve).

Nationists are nationalists with their lives, the trivial round, and their choice. Nationia is not a gathering of patriots focusing to overcome the ones who are not patriots; but a gathering of patriots focusing to develop nation (and hence all nations / humanity), raise its’ offsprings, surpass the ones who are not patriots in all respects, and create and seek heights within nations.


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